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Molded Case Circuit Breakers

MCCB & ELCB (General Catalog)

.The general catalog of Mitsubishi Electric circuit breakers.


Detailed Specifications

MCCB Dimensions


ELCB Dimensions


UL489 Listed Circuit Breakers Dimensions


Measuring Unit Display Breaker Dimensions

Characteristics & Dimensions

Circuit Protector & Electrical Operated Breakers Dimensions


DIN Series Miniature Circuit Breakers Dimensions

Catalog of WS Series

mccb & elcb (WS Series)

MX Series

Catalog of the MX Series.

A more cost efficient option for users (available from 30A-250A)

MCCB & ELCB (WS-V Series)

Catalogs of WS-V Series

Catalog of Mitsubishi Ws-V Series.

MCCB & ELCB (WS-V Series)

Comparison between previous and new models

Handling & Maintenance

Operating Handles (日本語)

Technical information of Mitsubishi MCCB's, including applicable standards, constructional principles, and operational performances.

Technical Notes

MCCB Technical Notes

ELCB Technical Notes